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Nijemat- Ground Levelling with Controlled Blasting

  • Nijemat- Ground Levelling with Controlled Blasting

Controlled Blasting in Association With Al Nijemat Groud Leveling Project

We are the subcontractor for the controlled blasting operations for the ongoing Al Nijemat Ground Levelling project which is 60% completed. The project area is surrounded by major roads leading to Fujairah, shopping centres, police station and Government offices. Due to the sensitive nature of this project, controlled blasting techniques based on the careful application of explosive energy has led to an extremely safe blasting operation. We have continuously complied with the vibration/sound limits provided by the legal authorities by reducing the Maximum Instantaneous Charge (MIC). It is notable that such level of safety is achieved by using pyrotechnic detonators which considerably minimized the overall cost of the project. The explosive-rock interaction for the project has been studied continuously and the findings are used to improve the performance of the future blasts.[/vc_column_text]


Category: Controlled/Close Proximity Blasting, Leveling Works