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FBS’s Northern Land Reclamation Project

  • FBS’s Northern Land Reclamation Project


FBS’s Northern Land Reclamation Project was successfully completed, much before scheduled completion time, by TDB being principle drilling and blasting contractor. The project created new landmass measuring 4.8 Km in length and 500 m in width along the coastline, near the Port of Fujairah, which involved the movement of approximately 54 million tons of rock and in turn remove a large the mountain adjacent to the project by means of drilling and blasting and large scale quarrying operation.

The completed landmass will be used for the processing and exporting of oil delivered from Abu Dhabi via a new pipeline. The land will house a refinery as well as storage tanks that will increase Fujairah’s oil storage capacity.

The blasting operations were planned a month in advance and were carried out. Eight drill rigs worked 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to achieve enough material to fulfil the needs of the reclamation site. Up to 15 tons of explosives were used each day to blast up to 130,000 tons of rock.


Client: Fujairah Bulk Shipping LLC (FBS)

Location: Fujairah, UAE

Area: 4.8 KM Length and 500 M Width

Blast: Blast Up to 130,000 tons of rock

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